Pediatric Massage

Pediatric Massage

“ I love working with children and allowing them to connect with their body, learn about their body, and empower them at young ages! I feel children look to adults for answers so often, and that carries into adulthood when we rely on outside care to tell them what is happening with our own bodies, instead of trusting what our bodies are communicating to us. I’m passionate about continuing to educate and connect children with their bodies to empower them in trusting themselves and their experiences. ” Cait Kelso, LMT

Types of Service
May Include:

  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Pediatric Massage
  • Mind/Body Awareness through process called Move, Play, Thrive Brain and Sensory Foundations. This not only helps the full body but also the nervous system and brain, mimicking reflexes through passive rocking. This is something that can be done on their own as well, giving them the tools to plugin to that mind body awareness.

Cait has been working with children for the past four years independently. Additionally she works with pediatricians, developmental specialists, psychologists and other healthcare professionals.

Doctor referrals accepted.